🤠 HOWDY! My Name is Tommy Ngo and I’m Visual Designer & Illustrator. 🎨        💭 Currently: Looking for a new design home! 🏠         🗄 Open to freelance work and new opportunities. 📞 



Character Illustration
Social Media Concepting
Social Media Design
Email Design
Web Design (Support)
Packaging (S&O Gift)

Ugly Drinks is a sparkling water company based in the UK that has recently been brought over to the US and currently is available in 10,000+ stores. They provide products with no artificial sweeters or sugars and release a special limited edition flavor every month that are uncommon and unique, seperating them from their competitors.

An important aspect for brand growth was social media prescence and with existing brand buckets, I assisted with concepting and designing social media posts for a year resulting in 7000+ followers and increased post & story engagement. Ugly had a unique existing tone-of-voice we used that to our advantage by incorporating humorous aspects in posts through memes, silly holidays with quirky product placements, custom graphics, and fun copy in collaboration with the talented in-house copywriter Emily Russo.

Additionally, Ugly often sent out emails weekly for special promotions for sales, new releases, charitable causes, subscriptions, and many more.

Product imagery provided by Ugly & Someone and Others.