🤠 HOWDY! My Name is Tommy Ngo and I’m Visual Designer & Illustrator. 🎨        💭 Currently: Looking for a new design home! 🏠         🗄 Open to freelance work and new opportunities. 📞 



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Picnic Day is a supper club started in Oklahoma City cultivating a community for hawkers and the hungry. The conceptual supper club was born from creative chefs without a kitchen, fostering local events for foodies, adventurous eaters, and culinary connoissers. They feature underrated local chefs, giving them a platform to share their foods and tasting menus to friends, family, and the local community. Picnic Day also brings up-and-coming chefs to teach and also host pop-up dinners, exposing a vast variety of innovative cooking to the culinary scene in the U.S.

The name “Picnic Day” invokes the sunny, serendipity feeling when sharing a day with the people you love, eating delicious food, and having a good time outside.