🤠 HOWDY! My Name is Tommy Ngo and I’m Visual Designer & Illustrator. 🎨        💭 Currently: Looking for a new design home 🏠         🗄 Open to freelance work and opportunities. 📞 



Art Direction
Graphic Design
Photography + Video


Colby Le (@colbydle)
Sierra Kihega (@sierraspirit)

INTOKU is a Japanese phrase that roughly translates to “Good Done in Secret.” This is an event & brand manifested by creators as a learning space for artists and creatives to collaborate, innovate, and educate eachother on craftsmenship through design.

Intoku was founded to educate the masses about how modern streetwear, lifestyle accessories, and products are produced, sourced, and put together for the general public consumption from beginning to end. Apart from it all, we also strive to assist individuals to create these products themselves from scratch by accumulating resources and hosting monthly pop-up events.