🤠 HOWDY! My Name is Tommy Ngo and I’m Visual Designer & Illustrator. 🎨        💭 Currently: Looking for a new design home! 🏠         🗄 Open to freelance work and new opportunities. 📞 



Art Direction
Graphic Design
Photography + Video


Colby Le (@colbydle)
Sierra Kihega (@sierraspirit)

INTOKU is a Japanese phrase that roughly translates to “Good Done in Secret.” This is a WIP studio & brand manifested by creators as a learning space for artists and creatives to collaborate, innovate, and educate eachother on craftsmenship through design.

The creative industry has always been hard to break through for the underprileged community, we’re here to provide useful resources to help flourish and nurture your ideas by providing workshops and courses with successful individuals within the creative space to help you grow your businesses and endeavors. Our highest aspiration is to  build a creative studio space and education center to one day serve the public.

On the brand side, Intoku is inspired by modern & underground sub-cultures, music, design, and the internet, but we’re motivated by empowering the underrepresented.