Branding + Identity
Graphic Design


Nora Nova is an up-and-coming hospitality group originating from Phoenix, Arizona located in the epicenter of the city. This is where the iconic Southwest night sky meets the beauty of modern living.

This was initially a project proposed during my time at Gensler Denver. The branding team was approached by Gensler Phoenix for a quick 3-day project to brand a proposed hospitality building located in downtown Phoenix. The building was designed in a way where each floor of the establishment would be provided a panoramic view of the sky and Phoenix downtown skyline. I was tasked with creating a fitting name and establishing an identity system for the proposed building that would be erected ontop a historic Phoenix district. The project would eventually win the proposal and will begin construction in the future.


The wordmark utilizes sharp transitions and intrusions in the letterforms that were inspired by the tailends of shooting stars. The “Double N” logo mark has two dots representing dawn and dusk with the lines connecting the stars like a constellation