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A kickstarter funding for the production of a travel book from a unique drink blogger that documents opinionated personal reviews on soft drinks through the niche of taste + design while observing correlations.

Since I was a toddler, I was fascinated by these odd drinks I saw at the local Asian supermarket. My mother let me pick out one drink to try every Sunday and I would literally spend half an hour staring at the colorful, unique drinks and I still do this until this day. I like this think of this as my first fascination and observation with graphic design.

the package

The simple packaging was a unique concept used to display every beverage connisseur’s individually catered taste preference. After careful data analyzation and considerations, we handpick drinks that match an individual’s desired preference from answers provided by the receiver based on their style in aesthetic and taste.


Photographed are a handful of drinks that were part of the first journal entry series of test “booklet zero.” I personal consumed approximately 30-40 drinks in a month’s time in order to review all the drinks in time for the project’s reveal.


Depending on the tier, contributers will recieve a physical copy of the journal/book and also a special poster.